• Keeping Film Alive

    Keeping Film Alive

    What you've caught on film is captured forever.. it remembers the little things, long after you have forgotten everything...

  • Getaway


    Walking, it's the most remarkable thing that all of us own.

  • The 6-strings

    The 6-strings

    Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Nam consequat risus et lectus aliquet egestas.

  • Create.Make


    Craft doesn't have to be perfect. It's not hard, but it will keep u busy/happy for a while.

  • Vintage


    Pick up a Camera. Shoot something.

  • Sincerely Music

    Sincerely Music

    I love to shove in my headphones and just ignore the world.



3 men, in 44 days, took 18 flights, to 11 countries, accumulated a total of 

38000 miles of travel, Into 3 inspiring videos, MOVE, EAT, LEARN = a trip of a 


Well I've always been dreaming about this, leaving everything and run to the world with 

few buddies. What can be better than this?

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LSI Colorsplash Camera - Arrival

After few days, finally my camera arrived at my doorstep. From wednesday to saturday, it was a long wait for me..

The Colorsplash camera was never catch my attention nor impress me at the first sight, it doesnt really looks attractive to me compared with other Lomography's cameras.

But still, this 'buy one free one' deal does attract me to give it a try.

So here's the things that are in the pack,
  • the camera itself
  • 12 color gel filters
  • colorsplash chakras hardcover book
  • some booklet and manual

Too bad,
I was expecting the skin-like rubber case to come along with the camera but no. Perhaps that is only for earlier batch of stock.

Also, it's paper box packaging but not a plastic container packaging that we can see in the net. I guess that's also for earlier batch only.

Anyway, it's a great deal for me to try on this 35mm camera. It looks like a party camera to me cz of it's colorsplashing result. So, I'll do a short review on the camera after I've done my roll with it.

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"Recycled Mickey" necklace

Was looking for recycling ideas for crafting..and I came through this cool pendant designed by Dr. Romanelli.

Here's the detailed look at this "Recycled Mickey" necklace.

Metal Mickey pendant with moving arms and legs
Includes Dr X charm on chain and at bottom of Mickey’s foot
Designed by Dr Romanelli
Part of the Dr X collection for Disney Couture
Metal Mickey pendant: 2.5”
Chain: 14”

Retailing for $90 USD, it's available on Disney Store online.

Well if you are good in metal works, you may consider making one your own. Good luck in it.

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One strap "button" Guitar

 It's good to play the guitar sitting and standing up so to get used with the different positions. To play a guitar standing up, we'll definitely need a guitar strap. 

For guitars with two strap buttons, it shouldn't be a problem to attach the strap easily. Problem here is the guitar with only one button on the butt, none on the front side. And this is usually seen on acoustic guitars. 

So u'll need a string (shoe string is the most common but any strings that are thin enough to fit through will work well) to tie it on the headstock, and it's very important to tie it properly so that your guitar will not smash on the floor while you're playing with it. 

Let see, I have a Ernie Ball strap here, and a shoe string.

There's two ways to tie the string on the keyhole of the strap. I'll show both of them.

Run both ends of the string though the keyhole of ur guitar strap, tug on it.

This is simple but u may ruin the leather of the strap after a long period, so the 2nd way may be better.


 Run one end of the string through the keyhole, and tie a knot close to the keyhole.
Hmm..Much better..

Next slip the shoe string under the guitar strings above the headstock, NOT on the neck please...ur guitar will buzz or even be muted. 

While the other end of the string behind the headstock, tie a double knot on the end.

Final step.. stuck the keyhole of the other end on the butt. DONE!!! 

Don't recommend to drill hole on guitar jz to fit another button, imagine how will u act if mistakes happen..LOL..                  

by da way, permanently modify ur guitar may jz cause the value to drop, so i don't see the point to take the risk.

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The Unwritten rules


To live by rules that were created by others, we may never find out who we really are. 

     Art needs creativity. 

     Same thing applies to music and photography, to life.

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Noisy Boy from Real Steel

Name  : Noisy Boy from Real Steel

Size    : 26cm(h) x 14.5cm(w) x 12cm(d)

Papers : 10 sheets of 180 gsm A4

Finally I get it done today. I printed this long bfr my exam but I couldnt finished it, so i had to leave it aside first, until NOW.

Even though Noisy Boy (aka "The Steel Samurai","The Manga Mangler", "Noisy") appeared in the movie only for a short while before it got killed, but it's a cool beautifully design robot compare to other bots in Real Steel. And yes, it looks like a Japan Samurai.

Before started to build this, I was thinking if I could modify the template to make it pose-able.

So I started to sketch the parts that involved. It wasn't that hard until I joined all the parts together.

    A close look at the head. It was so tiny yet precise in the details.

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"The Negative Effect"


So a friend of mine showed me this video, it was a documentary about a group of lomographers that travel to Penang to organise an exhibition.

By exhibition, I mean snap, develop and display. It's real, close-to-life, spontaneous.

Yes, it's analog in this whole new digital world. It's about freestyle in photography. Sometimes, thr's sth tat is unexplainable, you can't tell why use film while you have digital, but you can't see wt's wrong with using film either. We don't need reason for everything, it's all about the process.

Try it, you'll get addicted.

Check out how the whole things go...

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